SiNERIX in the Legal Sector

Legal Technology and SiNERIX

We often talk about the various industries which utilise our Digital Engagement Cloud. Last month we took a look at banks and why it was important to optimise the use of cutting edge technology. Well, in the same vein, we take a look at why such technology is so important to the Legal sector in order to provide the best levels of service.

These industries are fiercely competitive and so service levels could be the difference between winning or retaining business and losing it all together. With the advances in digital verification technology we are seeing more legal firms jump on the e-signature bandwagon; but, the reality is, you need much more than just a signature in today’s world.

The Law and Digital Verification

Contracts drawn up by solicitors are common place in modern business, whether they’re in the form of a simple Terms of Business document or governing a multi-million pound deal. These documents have to be accurate in every detail as well as completely tamper proof to survive the high levels of scrutiny to which they can be subjected.

In this day and age, with advanced technology easily accessible to everyone, is a simple e-signature verification enough on its own? The short answer is – No.

Digital Verification and Legal Professionals

There are a number of reasons that our Digital Engagement Cloud is essential for legal professionals. We take a look at just a few factors which help our SmartForms and SmartSign tools stand out from the rest of the competition.

Security – Tamper proof forms and documents mean that you can rest assured that what is sent to the client, is what arrives with the client. Our suite of tools enables completion and signing of documents from any remote working device.

Traceable – As the user you can trace any and all actions whether internal paper trail and workflow or receipt, opened and read notifications. The entire process can be tracked to ensure the client has read and understands the document they are authorising.  There is a huge benefit to business in having a global reach – both to employees and clients who can work remotely, signing and authenticating documents whilst on the move.

Legal – While e-signatures can be forged, our full ID verification suite ensures that the person authorising the document is the person intended. Our SmartCheck tool provides a fully compliant way to speed up ID verification using biometric face recognition. It constantly checks the geo-location of the client, IP and associated e-mail address.  As an option, users can be sent a cautionary alert if a mobile number or e-mail address used in the transaction is known to be associated with fraudulent activity.

Assuring – Data protection is on everyone’s lips, and as a legal firm your clients want to see you embracing the latest technology in order to secure their personal data. Our Digital Engagement Cloud enables you to track and feedback all interaction with the document and other relevant information.

Fast – Possibly the most important factor; in the past, getting a document sent off, signed and returned could take days and sometimes even weeks. With our suite of tools, you could have all this done and deals complete within minutes.

British Legal Technology Forum

We were exhibiting at the British Legal Technology Forum 2020 on 10th March 2020, a fantastic event which brought together the most respected professionals from the legal and technology sectors. It was great to meet with delegates and let them know of all the way in which they could benefit from our Digital Engagement Cloud.

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