SmartCheck: Biometric facial recognition for reliable client identity verification.

SmartCheck provides a fully compliant way to speed up client identity verification, in real-time. The process is simple, saves valuable administration time and reduces risk. National and International photo ID documents, such as Passport, Driver Licence & ID Cards, can be scanned and the customer verified via biometric face recognition technology.

SiNERIX SmartCheck™ provides a seamless, secure and more efficient way to obtain up to date information and identity verification.

SiNERIX SmartCheck provide the right data protection, security and management tools to help integrate and speed up everyday document workflow. With SecureCode, SmartData and our built in Anti-Tamper technology, Sinerix can help reduce unnecessary risks when sending sensitive and confidential data to an unknown recipient.

How SmartCheck works:

  1. Recipients simply scan or upload a valid government issues identity document which is then automatically checked.
  2. Once the document has been checked and photo analysed the recipient is prompted to take a selfie.
  3. Upon completion, the biometric information is matched to the document and the results are instantly confirmed.

Special features include:

Photo ID document recognition

Credential & date range check

Remote or on-premise use

Instant face match results

Geolocation map

Anti-tamper & Anti-spoofing

SmartCheck – Frequently asked questions & answers

What does SmartCheck do?

SmartCheck provides a remote identity checking service and it may be configured in any way for professional businesses to undertake specific regulatory ID checks on clients.

Is IDV technology accepted in law?

Yes. Identity Validation (IDV) technology has been approved by the Home Office and is widely accepted and used in most international countries.

Does SmartCheck retain the biometric data?

No. All biometric data used for facial recognition are only used for instant comparison purposes and is never retained by us.

Can an ID check be carried out from any device?

Our IDV checks are digital and can be used from any internet enabled device.

Is the use of IDV technology GDPR compliant?

Security of data is our priority and all SiNERIX digital processes comply with all ICO / GDPR rules.

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Is digital ID verification technology accepted in law?

IDVT has been recognised as an acceptable and valid process to assist businesses to quickly identify and verify that an individual is who they say they are.

Our remote working ID document capture and facial recognition technology has been developed as part of the client on-boarding process and ” fast track” important identity data for compliance and decision making.

For more information go to: IDVT Guidance

Why choose SiNERIX?

With an ever-increasing demand for more user friendly remote working applications, SiNERIX Digital Engagement Cloud provides a range of SmartApps, including our dynamic HTML SmartForms, that can truly help speed up digital document workflow and client engagement, reduce errors and accelerate sales and transactional completions.

The environment is important to us and we are dedicated in helping businesses embrace our digital technology in order to reduce and eliminate the unnecessary use of paper and harmful chemical-based inks. Our platform is easy to implement and has a REST-API which allows faster customisation of your digital onboarding workflow and connection with customers via your own CRM, website or mobile applications.

Automates client onboarding workflow
Improves customer service experience
Paper free & environmentally friendly
Legally accepted & GDPR compliant
User-friendly and intuitive operation
Remote working identity checking
Reduces errors & data duplication
Used & trusted by all professionals
Reduce admin time, saving costs

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