Send interactive fillable forms and instantly capture eSignature data upon return

With SmartForms, you can fully automate your digital document workflow and increase client engagement. Data capture can be used to optimise your CRM with either XML or JSON data return options at any time.

SiNERIX SmartForms™ Simplify online form completion and client engagement with dynamic HTML SmartForms

SiNERIX SmartForms provide a dynamic and intelligent HTML fillable form solution with the unique ability to interact with other documents, forms or processes. In addition, SmartForms make it easier for clients to e-sign complete fields, view info-graphics, live messages & exchange real-time data from any Smart device.

How SmartForms work:

  1. Convert existing Word or PDF documents into responsive and dynamic HTML forms.
  2. Configure all your SmartForms to your SiNERIX digital onboarding library for use 24/7.
  3. Send multiple SmartForms with any other document type (PDF / Word) for dynamic use on any smart device.
Interactive View

Special features include:

Dynamic & responsive HTML Forms

Works with all mobile devices

Control & collect sensitive data

Built-in auto address check facility

Multi-form collaboration

Automatic PDF conversion

SmartForms – Frequently asked questions & answers

What is a SmartForm?

A SmartForm is a more dynamic and responsive form (HTML) that is used in place of word & PDF documents. It can be programmed and interactive with users.

Do SmartForms work better with mobile devices?

Yes, since they are a more dynamic type of form and work better with any mobile device.

Can a SmartForm automatically convert to PDF?

Once a digital transaction has been completed, the SmartForm will automatically create a PDF version of the form for distribution.

Can other document types (Word / PDF) work with SmartForms?

SmartForms can be used alongside any standard document type.

What type of data can be returned from a SmartForm?

With most fast moving businesses, getting data back is important and SmartForms can return data in either JSON or XML format.

SiNERIX Smart Forms

Why choose SiNERIX?

With an ever-increasing demand for more user friendly remote working applications, SiNERIX Digital Engagement Cloud provides a range of SmartApps, including our dynamic HTML SmartForms, that can truly help speed up digital document workflow and client engagement, reduce errors and accelerate sales and transactional completions.

The environment is important to us and we are dedicated in helping businesses embrace our digital technology in order to reduce and eliminate the unnecessary use of paper and harmful chemical-based inks. Our platform is easy to implement and has a REST-API which allows faster customisation of your digital onboarding workflow and connection with customers via your own CRM, website or mobile applications.

Automates client onboarding workflow
Improves customer service experience
Paper free & environmentally friendly
Legally accepted & GDPR compliant
User-friendly and intuitive operation
Remote working identity checking
Reduces errors & data duplication
Used & trusted by all professionals
Reduce admin time, saving costs

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