Electronic signature and multi document sharing using Machine Learning (ML), with signer authentication and anti-fraud technology – in minutes.

With Sinerix SmartSign, you can securely send multiple documents for eSignature at anytime. Recipients can view, sign and exchange from any internet enabled device, making it the most convenient and efficient way to get agreements and contract legally executed online.

SiNERIX SmartSign™ a more convenient and compliant eSignature solution.

SiNERIX SmartSign is a powerful and versatile electronic signature and document exchange application with advanced client authentication tools that make it faster and easier to get sensitive & time critical documents completed from any internet enabled desktop, tablet or smartphone device, 24/7.

How it works:

  1. Upload documents from your PC, cloud sharing site (OneDrive / Dropbox) or SiNERIX digital engagement cloud.
  2. Confirm recipients’ details (names and email addresses) and apply any required security settings.
  3. Send a SiNERIX digital exchange email link to each recipient for instant access and eSignature.
SiNERIX SmartSign

Special features include:

Send & sign multiple documents

SecureCode authentication

Legally recognised & enforceable in law

Remote or on-premise use

SecureIdent geolocation data

Globally accepted & GDPR compliant

Auto notification & reminders

SecureMail document exchange

Audit trail (date stamped IP & eSignature)

SmartSign – Frequently asked questions & answers

eIDAS Compliant

Is digital signing accepted in law?

A contract or agreement electronically signed and exchanged via the SiNERIX portal may be admissible and used as evidence in a court of law. The latest eIDAS regulations (electronic signature laws within the UK and the European Union) relating to electronic identification and verification processes across EU member states, are strictly adhered to by SiNERIXSecureSign at all times. For more information go to: eIDAS Regulations

What is an eSignature?

An eSignature is an electronic form of acceptance, acknowledgement or intent between contracting parties and is legally recognised in a court of law.

Can I send multiple documents?

Up to 12 individual documents types can be sent to individuals for acceptance and eSignature.

How do eSignature Credits work?

eSignature credits are purchased and used against each individual recipient that is party to any digital transaction.

How does SecureCode authentication work?

SiNERIX SecureCode authentication works by sending a unique code via SMS to the recipient phone which must then be entered in to the email login process for verification.

Can unused eSignature credits be rolled over?

Yes. SiNERIX allow their clients to keep any unused eSignature credits provided they continue subscribing and using the service.

Why choose SiNERIX?

With an ever-increasing demand for more user friendly remote working applications, SiNERIX Digital Engagement Cloud provides a range of SmartApps, including our dynamic HTML SmartForms, that can truly help speed up digital document workflow and client engagement, reduce errors and accelerate sales and transactional completions.

The environment is important to us and we are dedicated to helping businesses embrace our digital technology in order to reduce and eliminate the unnecessary use of paper and harmful chemical-based inks. Our platform is easy to implement and has a REST-API which allows faster customisation of your digital onboarding workflow and connection with customers via your own CRM, website or mobile applications.

Automates client onboarding workflow
Improves customer service experience
Paper free & environmentally friendly
Legally accepted & GDPR compliant
User-friendly and intuitive operation
Remote working identity checking
Reduces errors & data duplication
Used & trusted by all professionals
Reduce admin time, saving costs

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